Denmark confidently looks like the emerging gastronomic superpower

Last week in Lyon young chef Jeppe Foldager from Copenhagen Denmark took silver medal in the world championships for chefs, the biannual Bocuse d’Or in Lyon. The competition was started by legendary French nouvelle cuisine chef Poul Bocuse, he himself presenting the awards at age 86. Jeppe Foldager took silver after the French contender, Thibault Ruggeri, the darling of the predominantly French crowd of spectators.
среда, февраля 6, 2013

The Danish runner up follows in the footsteps from the winner of the last competition Rasmus Kofoed, who not only won the competition, but also previously won bronze and silver, making the most winning competition chef ever. It seems that Danish chefs have become inventory on the podium of the worlds most prestigious cooking competition, much like Copenhagen restaurants have become among the most hyped eating experiences on the planet, led off course by Noma, three times now named best restaurant in the world.

The young chef Jeppe Foldager believes it is a result of a special and very ambitious culinary culture that has emerged in Denmark and especially in and around Copenhagen:

“The cooking scene here is very ambitious. You would not believe what has happened with the culinary level in and around Copenhagen for the past ten years. It is simply not the same city anymore. The city is food crazy. There is a strong tradition now for competition chefs; we have support, and experienced mentors. But actually I do not believe there are many places in the world where you find so many damned good restaurants; if you want to run a restaurant in Copenhagen, you face the fiercest competition,” Jeppe explains, holding triumphantly his silver statue.

The statue he will be bringing with him to a new gourmet endeavor. Famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen designed a modernist hotel in Copenhagen including a restaurant at the top floor, with everything shaped by the master himself, cutlery, plates, chairs - you name it. Jeppe and his assistant chef from the competition Christoffer Brink will shortly take over the reign of the stoves in this classic restaurant, named Alberto K, aiming to give Copenhagen another top of the pops eating experience.

Alberto K is such a classic restaurant, it will be a challenge to design food and flavor that fits this setting; it is one of the most culturally valuable rooms of the city. Arne Jacobsen himself was very focused on solving things simply and beautiful, and not being distracted by too many crazy notions. Maybe that is a good inspiration also for a modern cuisine: No ideas or concepts are more important than the basic rule of gastronomy: It doesn’t work if it doesn’t taste bloody brilliant. In that respect I'm a classic chef: I put flavor first,” Jeppe Foldager states.

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Images from Jeppe Foldagers participation in the Bocuse d’Or 2013 

Alberto K Restaurant