From slums to attractive residential neighborhood - Kolding behind the facade

Our guide takes you on tour of downtown Kolding - behind the facade. Here you will find much more than just backyards. On this different walk through Kolding you will hear the story of Kolding based on city's backyards . The inner city of Kolding had up to the 1960's evolved into a slum, where the streets behind the facades were some filthy backyards with damp flats partly furnished in old stables. Kolding Municipality launched a comprehensive acquisition and demolition of the unhealthy housing, and formulated in 1974  an overall plan for the inner city. In 1974, highway traffic moved to the highway outside of town. This was a real opportunity to transform the city center within an expanded ring road system to an exciting place for residents and tourists.

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Duration: 2 hours

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6000 Kolding

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    • Christiansfeld
    • Kolding
    • Lunderskov
    • Vamdrup

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