A newly designed and user friendly APP will be launched on Saturday 1 June 2013 on the App Store and Android Market. LakeMap, as the app is called, is intended primarily for anglers who want to fish in Danish lakes. LakeMap is a handy tool that gives you depth maps and access to many other exciting features of more than 200 Danish lakes.

Experience your favorite lakes in a whole new and different way - directly on your Smartphone!
How deep is the lake? Where do I find myself right now? What fish can I catch? How big is the lake?

LakeMap app gives you quick and easy answers to these and many other questions. You can via Geo Location see your exact position on land and at sea with depth indications in both 2D and 3D with zoom function, digital compass, current speed, and more.

Furthermore you can find useful and relevant information on the lake, for example location, size, max depth, fish, inlets and outlets of the lake - and more features will be included. The app is launched in four different languages ​​- Danish, English, German and Dutch.

"LakeMap is a useful tool primarily developed for the benefit of anglers, but the app can also be used by sailors, divers and nature enthusiasts, etc. We start by launching the app in Denmark with 101 Danish lakes. Then the app will be updated with 2-3 new Danish lakes each week. LakeMap will constantly be updated with further information as a live application - therefore we are also in the process of preparing lake maps in Sweden - and more countries will come, "says Silkeborg Company SENSON in Denmark.

LakeMap is based on data from Geodatastyrelsen in Denmark. All lake maps, many of them from the past, has been transformed from paper to a 2013 edition, with all that now involves, including 3D graphics, etc. "We think it is a very exciting way to use our data," says Godik Sloth Godiksen from Geodatastyrelsen in Denmark.

LakeMap is free to download. The price per. lake map is only 7 EUR, and there is no limit to how many lake maps you can buy. In addition, you have the option to subscribe to LakeMap. For only 13 EUR per year, you will get updates for your APP with relevant new initiatives and new measurements of both Danish and international lakes.

If you are not the owner of an iPhone or Android phone you are always welcome to visit where you can sign up for subscription to LakeMap - and soon you can also purchase and print your lake maps.

For further information, please contact SENSON Denmark, Phone +45 20 11 84 41 - or send an email to

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