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© Ramesh, Faxe Turistbureau

Blåbæk Mills

4640, Faxe

Blåbæk Mills. This water mill was first mentioned in 1472 and since then has been a tenant farm of Rosendal.

It received its water from Faxe Brook; however, since there was not always sufficient wate...

Nr. Jernløse Mølle

4420, Regstrup

Nr. Jernløse Mill is a ”Dutch Windmill”. About the year 1550 dutch carpenters started building these octagonal mills, where the cap can be turned to follow the direction of the wind. In Denmark t...

© Søren Wesseltoft

Kronprins Frederiks Bro

3600, Frederikssund

The first bridge crossing the Fjord at shore of Frederikssund was a wooden bridge established 1868.During the 1920'ies and 1930'ies the traffic intensity increased rapidly with cars and...

© Søren Wesseltoft


3600, Frederikssund

Skyllebakken is an old part of the town of Frederikssund that came into being around 1800. The area had, for a while, a distinctive character, one example being that residents did not pay tax on their...

© Finn Jørgensen

Lille Rørbæk Landsby

3600, Frederikssund

(Lille Rørbæk Village)A small village with farmhouses nestling around the village pond....

© Søren Wesseltoft

Jægerspris Mølle (mill)

3630, Jægerspris

(The Jægerspris Mill) Dutch mill built in 1854, still in working condition. When there is enough wind you can see wheat being ground to flour.Children are welcome when accompanied by adults....

© syddansk musikkonservatorium

The Academy of Music in Esbjerg's new home in the converted Old Electricity Works from 1907 is an impressive example of cultural innovation in former indust...

© Destination Djursland

A park with beautiful grounds, lime avenues from the 1740's and the pleasure hut 'Pirkentavl' that was build about the 16th Century - also known as the first university in Jutland. Duing 1994 the pala...

Bellevue observation tower

9800, Hjørring

At Bellevue, which is situated at Hjørring Bjerge (hills), there is a 67-metre high tower from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the western part of Vendsyssel and Jammerbugten (bay). From the...

P. Nørkjærs Plads in Hjørring:

Sculpture Park:
In the urban district of Hjørring there are approx. 160 sculptures. Compared to the whole of Denmark, Hjørring has the highest number of sculptures per...

Sindal Mill - Sindal

9870, Sindal

Sindal Mill - Sindal. Sindal Mill which is Sindal's oldest commercial building, was moved from Fjeldsted to Sindal in 1872. It is a Dutch stonewall windmill, which operated with 2 grind...

Bunker Museum Hirtshals is the only excavated, complete German defence-installation from World War II in Denmark, which is open to the public. The Museum consisits of 54 excaveted bunkers along with m...

In one of the personnel bunkers visitors can see an exhibition about the 10th Battery and Hirtshals. Other bunkers have been restored to their original condition. A visit to the Bunker Museum is there...

The stones from the dune's cover the tables in the exhibition assistant house at Hirtshals Lighthouse. Vendsyssel Stone Club has arranged the stones in an extremely informative and exciting exhibition...

Det Musiske Hus

9900, Frederikshavn

Det Musiske Hus is a regional music venue and presents an attractive programme featuring concerts, stand-up and theatre, etc. See more at   ...

Gram Castle

6510, Gram

The east wing of Gram Manor was built about the beginning of the 16th century. The builder is unknown, but was probably one of the Reventlow family, who owned Gram from about the middle of the 15th ce...

Fredericia Teater

7000, Fredericia

Fredericia Theatre is a prominent institution that has played an active role in the cultural development of Fredericia for nearly 200 years. Today, the theatre is a regional theatre that is known thro...

Project Hangar

9900, Frederikshavn

In early March 2013, the project Hangar begun.
In 2008 Knivholt Manor and Nordjyllands Kystmuseum acquired one of the two old German hangars built in 1941, which still exists and is located near the ...

Fylleledet - Kunstskoven

9900, Frederikshavn

Fylleledet Forest - The Secret Forest.

Only 2 km from Frederikshavn center, lies the forest that even the most frederikshavnere do not know. Fylleledet forest was during the war confiscated by the Ge...

Den Gl. Hovedvagt

7000, Fredericia

Den old Main GuardJust like the guard buildings by the King's Gate and the Citadel this building by the Prince's Gate was originally built in timber frame. The foundation from 17...

© Destination Djursland

Anholt is at the heart of Danish waters. So the island has played an important role in Danish lighthouse history. It had one of the first beacons in the country, dating back as far as 1560. The island...

Oxholm Mølle

9460, Brovst

The Mill, a so-called Dutch windmill, was built in 1857, placed on top of a hill in open landscape, and sailors often used the mills of landmarks. It originally had a reed/heather-tatched roof and the...

Kaas Briketfabrik

9490, Pandrup

Kaas Briketfabrik (patent fuel) was builded in 1925 in the moor of Lundergaard.Ib Nyboe got the idea to make hard pressed briquettes, which was more profitable to carry across bigger areas. Durin...

Lyngmøllen, Grønnestrand

9690, Fjerritslev

Lyngmøllen at Grønnestrand is Denmark's only heathercovered mill. It was built in 1876 and was in use for half a century. The mill was restored in 1990 and is now a characteristic reminder o...

Rubjerg Knude Fyr

9480, Løkken

The light in Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse was first turned on on 27th of December 1900. The lighthouse was built on the cliff's highest point 60 m above the sea and the lighthouse itself is 23 m high. In ...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Experience the presence of history in the vaulted cellar dating back to the 16th. century when the city of Mariager became an official trading city with civic rights. You will find it in Mariager unde...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Mariager centrum

9550, Mariager

Mariager is one of the smallest boroughs in Denmark. Population is about 2000. It is a charming old town dated from about 1400. It was granted borough charter in 1592. The town has attractive old...

© Læsø Tårnet

Læsø Tårnet

9940, Læsø

On the island Laesoe in the maintown Byrum situated on a hill you will find a 17 m high, red tower built of homemade, semicircular bricks. The tower was erected in 1927 by clogmaker, bicyclerepairer a...

Hals Skanse

9370, Hals

Hals Skanse is the best preserved single fieldwork in Denmark and dates back to the renaissance. From the earthwork with the historical cannons there is a great view over Hals and the Limfjord. 

The ...

Ulsted Mill is situated on a hill west of Ulsted Church, and is, together with the wolves grave, which lies east of the church, helping to draw the city's distinctive profile. The Mill of Ulsted were ...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Bies gård

9500, Hobro

A tour of the Kunstetagerne is always a good experience. You'll find art from some of Denmark's most acclaimed artists.

On your tour through the gallery you can enjoy the architecture and the atmosp...

© Dueholm Kloster

Landbrugsmuseet Skarregaard

7900, Nykøbing M

At Skarregaard Agricultural Museum time has been standing still since grandpa was a child. But then again, that is not exactly true as the farm is a very active place with exhibitions and modern organ...


7900, Nykøbing M

In the period 1973 to 1978 the building of the Sallingsund Bridge took place and Thursday 30 May 1978 Her Royal Highness Queen Margrethe II opened the bridge for the public. The total price of the bui...

© Dueholm Kloster

Dueholm Kloster

7900, Nykøbing M

Experience the atmosphere in the old convent, which tells a story about monks and nuns, brave knights and fair maidens. See the many old and well-preserved items that generations of locals have protec...

Uldum Mill

7171, Uldum

Uldum mill: The largest one of the few Dutch-type gallery windmills left in Denmark. After a fire the mill was rebuilt i 1895 by its owner, Ole Knudsen. In 1982 a group of Uldum citizens bought t...

© Thyboroen Faestningen, Thyboron

The Thyborøn Fortress, one of the largest plants in Denmark

Initially there were a total of 66 large and 40 small bunkers along the coast of Thyborøn. Several of the bunkers have gradually disappeare...

© Lemvig Turistkontor

Bovbjerg Lighthouse

On the edge between fat farming land and poor sandy soils. On the edge between the soft curves of the landscapes of the last Ice Age and the flat lands of melted water.

The Light...

Lemvig Museum, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Lemvig Museum, a mirror of the Lemvig area.

Visit Lemvig Museum and learn more about the distinctive character and identity of Western Jutland both past and present.  Explore the many exhibitions of ...

Aa-Mølle – A rare pearl by the Limfjord.

Aa-mølle (a water mill) is approximately 500 years old. It began working in 1495. The mill has now been restored and has been working since 1999.

The mill is...

Viby Mill

5370, Mesinge

In the beautiful and very well-preserved village of Viby with the many protected houses, you will find the old mill, which is one of Denmarks´s biggest and best preserved Dutch windmills. The mill was...

The South Harbour

4400, Kalundborg

The South Harbour...

The Harbour of Røsnæs

4400, Kalundborg

The Harbour of Røsnæs is called The Harbour of Nyby too.The owner is the municipality of Kalundborg, but 'The Harbour of Kalundborg is the manager. ...

The Lighthouse of Roesnaes

4400, Kalundborg


Welcome to Røsnæs Lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in 1844-46 on the site of a former defence battery.

Røsnæs Lighthouse now features an exhibition all the way up the stairs to the top. The ex...

MT Højgaard

4400, Kalundborg

MT Højgaard/Promecon...

Kalundborg Hospital

4400, Kalundborg

Kalundborg Hospital...


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