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Nyholmgaard Wine

5290, Marslev

One of Denmark’s largest wineries is located in Marslev, 10 km. from Kerteminde. 

The winery was established in 2007 and produces white wines and sparkling wines from their own vineyard, which covers...


5290, Marslev

Selleberg grows and sells high-quality cherries. Their vision is: “Selleberg’s cherries and cherry delicacies must be synonymous with unparalleled quality - always!” 

Their shop, selling delicious ch...

Kerteminde Brewery

5300, Kerteminde

Kerteminde Bryghus (“Kerteminde Brewery”) is a farm brewery located in the small, cosy village Bregnør just a few kilometres from Kerteminde direction Hindsholm. 
The brewery is located in the farm’s ...

© Dyrehøj Vingaard

Dyrehøj Vineyard

4400, Kalundborg

Welcome to Dyrehøj Vineyard
Dyrehøj Vineyard was established in 2008, when the 4,000 vines were planted on the south-facing slopes of the Røsnæs peninsula.
Today, the vineyard's approximately 23,000 v...


4592, Sejerø

Farm Shop with the seasons vegetable...

© vsvs

Borreby local produce

4230, Skælskør

Small shop with produce from Borreby Castle...

© ulla fibiger

Bisserup Fish

4243, Rude

Buy fresh fish at the harbour in Bisserup - open Friday and Saturday...

Guldbæk Vineyard

9230, Svenstrup J

Visit the exciting and beautiful family-run winery in the scenic area near the village Guldbæk in Himmerland.

Guldbæk Vineyard is located in the village Guldbæk, ca. 20 km south of Aalborg. The viney...

© Bolcheriet

Bolcheriet® in Løkken

9480, Løkken

Old fashioned, fully-functioning sweet factory open to everyone with a sweet tooth. See how a sweet is created from start to finish by professional sweetmakers.Bolcheriet® specialises in...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Mariager Saltcenter

9550, Mariager

Experience Our World Of Salt

Ever wondered what your life would be like if you did not have salt? How your food would taste, how many products you would miss? Now you can find out at Mariager Saltcen...

The Orchard in St. Brøndum

9520, Skørping

The Orchard is a mature and idyllic plantation, which emphasizes the very best taste.
Therefore, we include a focus on the newest apple and pear varieties, where juice quality and taste is in focus.

Juul's Gårdbutik

9940, Læsø

High quality meat products from cattle, lamb, goat and pig. "Farm gate to dinner plate", production with own abattoir, meat processing section and farm shop offering a wide range of superior quality h...

Bolcheriet® - SKAGEN

9990, Skagen

Visit Bolcheriet® and see how a sweet is created from start to finish by professional sweetmakers or feel how the newly made caramels melt on your tongue. Choose between Skagen caramels,...

© alkom.dk

Staarup Haandbryg

7840, Højslev

A microbrewery close to Skive and the Limfjord established in 2010.

The brewery offers beer on bottles and kegs.

Stop by and have a taste and a good story.

Changing opening hours.

Call ahead for a...

© Per Kristensen

Fur Bryghus (Brewery) is located in buildings formerly used for processing moler. The building has been renovated completely and transformed into a modern micro brewery with two restaurants.  

We bre...

Hancock brewery

7800, Skive

We are brewing night and day.. Guess why? Cheers in Skive HANCOCK.HANCOCK has put Skive on the beer world map - exclusively locally brewed beer....

Ribe Brewery, © Ribe Bryghus

Ribe Brewery is located in a historic and carefully renovated courtyard environment near the Cathedral.

We brew using a beautiful English alebrewing vat that fits the historic surroundings in Denmark...

© visit svendborg

Aqua Vitae Sydfyn

5881, Skårup Fyn

Aqua Vitae produce fruit spirits, from for example ingrid marie and fillippa apples....

© Visit Denmark

Bryggeriet Refsvindinge

5853, Ørbæk

Refsvindinge Brewery is one of the smallest and best known micro breweries in Denmark. Ever since our Ale no. 16 started the Danish ‘Beer-revolution’ in the mid-nineties, the brewery’s products have b...

Gundestrup Mejeri & Bryghus

5762, Vester Skerninge

Gundestrup is founded in 1888 and served as Co-operative Dairy until 1983. In 2007 took George Hoff over the dairy and decided beyond cheese also to brew exciting beer, so today we ca...

© Indslev

Indslev Brewery

5580, Nørre Aaby

Experience a modern brewery in a historical frame
We focus on renewal with a respect for traditions at the first wheat beer brewery in Denmark, to develop the best beer and brew-technologies. Dating b...

Møn Is

4780, Stege

On Møn a new “ice age” has appeared. The dairy in Råbyllille sells various sorts of home-made ice-cream. The fruit used for the production of ice-cream come mainly from local producers. The sorts foll...

© Lollesgård

Welcome to Restaurant Lollesgaard.

Since Evald Lolle’s mother in law moved to Nyord in 1947, there has been a running restaurant on the idyllic island of Nyord. In 2013 Marianne and Heidi took over L...


4780, Stege

Vibækgård is a farm shop situated between Kalvehave and Stege. Here you find all seasonal products life potatos, strawberries, sweet corn etc. Besides you will allways find a number of local specialti...

Poul Johansen

4780, Stege

Small organic farm with a wide selection of seasonal vegetables and a smaller selection of sweet cherries, apples, pears, plums and blackberries and currants, the latter for self-picking season. Fresh...

© Annette Tenberg

Nyord Mustard Mill

4780, Stege

The mustard of Nyord is worked up into a variety of mustard sorts of many different flavors.

The mustard mill in the historical horse walk is the place where the mustard is pro- duced, and here you c...

Farm and farm shop Kirkehøjens Limousine, Stubbekøbing, on Falster

Come and visit the farm Kirkehøjen, flourishing as conventional  farming. Own breed of Limousin beef cattle, free range pigs, sheep,...

Aalholms Farm Shop

4880, Nysted


In our farm shop you can buy beef from our limousine cattle, lamb, and wild game from Aalholm’s forests. In addition, the shop also sells free range chickens from Dalbakkega...

Marielyst Kartoffelbod

4873, Væggerløse

Marielyst Kartoffelbod & Gårdbutik has existed for 26 years and sells own potatoes directly from the fields. The potatoes are cultivated on the diked fields of Bøtø Nor and theref...

LOLLE FRUGT, Sakskøbing, Lolland
We have been growing fruit and vegetables at LOLLE FRUGT for three generations.  The harvest year starts in May with green asparagus and new potatoes.  From the end of...

Højbakke Vinyeard

4900, Nakskov

Welcome to Højbakke Vineyard. 
Our intensions are to produce first class wines made of first class grapes. All work in the fields is done by hand. The grape bunches are thinned out, the harvest is car...


4943, Torrig L

The island of Vejrø is situated in the sea surrounded by the islands of Zealand, Møn, Falster, and Lolland between Lolland and southern Zealand. You reach Vejrø by sea or air which contributes to mak...

Bandholm Orchard

4941, Bandholm

We founded Bandholm Orchard in 1999.  In the beginning we only grew fruit, but today parts of our production are worked up into jam, apple juice and vinegar. 

In the same year we planted 1, 5 hectare...


4952, Stokkemarke

Welcome in the country.

Do pay a visit to the mild and vigorous nature in the middle of Lolland, where you can experience an open estate, which should like to show you its animals and its fields. Tak...

Vester Ulslev Vingaard (vineyard)

4894, Øster Ulslev

Winemaker Preben Jørgensen welcomes you to Vester Ulslev Vingaard, Lolland’s first and the southernmost commercial vineyard in Denmark in a beautiful setting between the Baltic Sea and the Maribo lake...

Frederiksdal Castel

4912, Harpelunde

To Frederiksdal Cherry Wine the explanation to success is the" good wine is made in the field" and the "continuing hunt for the ultimate cherry ". No one have ever before fermented cherry wine, no one...


4944, Fejø

Kernegaarden Fejø – Supplier of exquisite organic taste experiences.

Visit Kernegaarden’s farm shop and enjoy an island specialty in the café Oasen with a sea view and child-friendly patting animals....

© VisitMariagerfjord

Bies Bryghus

9500, Hobro

Unique beer of high quality from Danish micro breweries has not become popular without reason. What would be more obvious than re-establishing one of the oldest breweries in Denmark?

However, in Hobr...

© Jernved Mejeri

Jernved Dairy

6771, Gredstedbro

We produce our own cheeses and butter, following old traditions.
Meet us on Skibbroen in Ribe, every Wednesday from 9-14, from May-September.

Shop/Opening hours: Thu -Fri 10.00-17.30 and Sat 09.00...

Enghavegård Osteri, © Enghavegård Osteri

Enghavegaard Cheese Specialist is located beautifully at the inlet of the river Varde Å, into the bay, Ho Bugt.

Production includes different types of Danish cheeses, and assorted dessert cheeses.


- Eventful enjoyment

> Candy cooking
> Creative workshop
> Candy shop

Call for more info on tel 9854 2011...

© knud mortensen

Ice from Skarø

5700, Svendborg
© Visit Middelfart

Growers Cup

5500, Middelfart

Micro Roastery Growers Cup

Link: www.growerscup.com


8600, Silkeborg

Production of high-quality sausages and cold cuts – both traditional and organic....

Byens Fisk & Vildt

8600, Silkeborg

Shop specialising in the sale of seasonal, local fish....


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