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  1. вторник, февраля 10, 2015

    Прошлое возвращается к увлекательной жизни. Уникальные пространства увидят свет нового дня, когда 11 октября 2014 года Музей истории и культуры Moesgaard в Орхусе вновь откроет двери для гостей в своих новых зданиях.

  2. среда, февраля 6, 2013

    Last week in Lyon young chef Jeppe Foldager from Copenhagen Denmark took silver medal in the world championships for chefs, the biannual Bocuse d’Or in Lyon. The competition was started by legendary French nouvelle cuisine chef Poul Bocuse, he himself presenting the awards at age 86. Jeppe Foldager took silver after the French contender, Thibault Ruggeri, the darling of the predominantly French crowd of spectators.

  3. пятница, февраля 1, 2013

    The longest Viking longship in the world is part of the Danish National Museum’s major special exhibition, VIKING, which will be exhibited at the National Museum in Copenhagen between 22 June and 17 November 2013.

  4. пятница, января 11, 2013

    Boat trips calling at selected restaurants, celebration of the blue mussel, live music in both new and familiar constellations and guided tours through lesser-known Copenhagen districts are just a few of the items on the programme when Copenhagen’s culture month, Wondercool, gets underway for the third year running.

  5. пятница, января 11, 2013

    Copenhagen’s culture month, Wondercool, which runs throughout February, lets you explore the lesser-known Copenhagen, celebrate blue gold and Nordic cuisine, listen to music in basement car parks, take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at architecture and enjoy MAD Mondays.

  6. пятница, июня 1, 2012

    She has been beheaded twice, lost an arm, and been daubed with paint at least seven times. The iconic statue of the Little Mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale is now getting a male counterpart: “Han” - a polished stainless steel sculpture featuring a young boy on a stone. The sculpture has been created by Elmgreen & Dragset, the artist duo behind the recent four-meter high bronze sculpture in one of London’s most distinguished spaces Trafalgar Square. 

Показываю 1 - 6 из 6 entries записей